Google – the next evil empire?

Google is huge and still gaining momentum. Most of their products are absolutely amazing! I attended the Marriott School’s eBusiness Day lectures yesterday where Paul Allen, CEO of Infobase Ventures, and Josh James, CEO of Omniture, spoke and Google had to be mentioned 20 or more times. People love Google. People used to love Microsoft. Although I love Google’s products, I find it to be a bit scary when one company begins to dominate the market. Wal-Mart is another scary, huge company that dominates the retail industry. People still love Wal-Mart because they offer the every day low prices and have good store policies.

I love Google because they offer us so many great products for free, their AdWords ads aren’t annoying and don’t feature scantily clad women, and their stuff is clean and easy to use. You have to admit Google Earth is the hottest thing since indoor plumbing.

Because they are so good at doing everything web, they are a huge threat to people who are trying to create something new and innovative on the web. Not that others can’t still make a cool product, but new product development is like playing chess. You have to anticipate what your competition is going to do in response to a hot new technology on the web. If the web was a chessboard, Google is like the Queen and then some.

Just a thought.