My google maps idea

Hello world,

This last week I thought of an idea that I would like to pursue. Because the google maps API is open to anyone to use as long as you don’t charge people to use it, I think it would be cool to create an application that takes a Gedcom file with your geneological information, and map out your ancestors on a world map. You could color code the pins to signify which side of the family they contribute to. I know that I have blood coming from Switzerland and from England, but I think it would be cool to see it plotted out where all of these relatives are from. I just think it will take a lot of work. Also, since I only have a virtual host account, I don’t want to kill all of my processor resources for my account. I think things would need to be broken up and the work split a piece at a time. Resulting in an xml file that would be plot-able using google maps api.

This would be my first project using it, but I think it will be worth my time.