First Official Provo Labs Meeting

I love my job! I don’t think I could ever find a cooler job. I love the people that are in the company, I love the philosophy of the company, I love the vision, and I love the flexibility and autonomy that the job offers.

Tuesday afternoon, we had our first “all hands” meeting with everyone in the Provo Labs company. I thought it was great to finally meet everyone. I think we have an incredible group of people. During the meeting, we talked about the Provo Labs vision, philosophy, and a few of the companies and new projects that we will be working on in the near future.

Paul had some great insights into entrepreneurism. In the meeting he said that nothing else has changed the world in such a drastic way as entrepreneurs have. As an example, he pointed out how Google in just four or five years has changed so much of how we live. The inventor of the cell phone has really changed history. We are living in a great time for new ideas, and the changes that we will be involved in are going to be exciting.

Paul also talked about ideas being like little kittens. He said being a serial entrepreneur is like having a whole litter of kittens, and you can only keep one and have to drown the rest. Only after the one kitten grows up you can get another kitten. That is why he likes the parallel entrepreneur philosophy where we are going to drown as few kittens as possible and try to make as many ideas grow into mature companies or products.

We have some very exciting new products in development. Blastyx is going to be an awesome company. The name comes from the word blastocyst which is the state of a newly conceived embryo before it begins to grow exponentially. Blastyx services will do the same to businesses that need some publicity and buzz to be shot out into the world so that they can grow at an exponential rate. I think the business plan is incredible, and it will definitely be something that people will be hearing about.

Blastyx will be needing the service of independent, amateur film makers. If you know of anyone that likes to do film and would like to be involved in an exciting new company, let me know. We would like to build a database of film makers all around the world.

While is in ruins right now, there is a great future ahead for this site. It will become the richest source of information regarding the history of the world. I will be working on that project with Jonathan Balinski. This is way cool.

I’m still working on finishing up the Provo Labs website. We are running into problems with our hosting company. We will be moving onto our own servers soon, and hopefully we will be able to get everything working smoothly.