Utah Geek Dinners

I missed out being able to write about this yesterday, but I still want to talk about the Utah Geek Dinner that went down on Tuesday. Despite a rough start, I think it was a great success.

I was a little concerned about how we were going to pull off the dinner at the Mayan in Sandy as it is a very exciting, interactive atmosphere aimed at keeping children entertained. However, after everyone was finally able to eat, we crammed in the little party room or whatever you would call it, and began to talk.

I liked Phil‘s vision that he shared on the new facility that they want to build in Provo. I think it would be a great place to hang out and get to know other developers. Right now at BYU among the various computer or technical majors there seems to be very little or no communication. When I was a Computer Science student, I rarely talked to other programmers as it felt like such a competitive environment that we rarely shared ideas or thoughts. The Information Systems major has been way different, as there is an ISYS mailing list, the IS Land community, and lots of focus on teams and collaboration. However, there isn’t much communication between ISYS, CS, IT, or whatever technical major you might be studying. I think a geek facility where anyone can go and work on projects would be very conducive for that kind of non-denominational major environment.

I thought it was amazing how many great job offers there were presented at the dinner! As an information systems student, I’ve experienced a bombardment of recruiting efforts by the accounting firms, but not a whole lot from other more tech-oriented companies. That is why I was so excited to get the job offer from Provo Labs. I will be sharing this with the rest of the ISYS students for sure. I think we could get a really big turnout to the next dinner.

I think the possibility of venture capitalists coming to these dinners to meet up with technology entrepreneurs is exciting. I was really excited to hear that some people that work at the governor’s office were present as well. I think the vision of Dev Utah is great. I hope that Utah can become the next Silicon Valley. As I wrote earlier, Salt Lake was rated as one of the fastest cities in the U.S. by Fast Company and hopefully this will allow it to move even faster.