Web 2.0 – What is it?

On Monday, Jonathan Balinski and I met with Phil Burns, COO of Provo Labs, to discuss the upcoming technology that we will be architecting and developing. Throughout our meeting, Phil referred a lot to “Web 2.0” compliance. That got me thinking, ‘What exactly is Web 2.o?’ So, I’ve done a little research this morning and I’ve broken it down into the following.

Web 2.0 encompasses the following:

  • A move from places and locations to information flows
  • A vision change of the web being viewed as a platform for full applications using AJAX technology
  • A move from read-only web to read-and-write-web through Wikis, Blogs, Tagging, etc.
  • A move to making the web more machine readable through XML technologies such as RSS and ATOM feeds
  • A shift to create and use web services through open web APIs to quickly create more functional sites
  • and more.

Basically, the web has gone through a major change in the last 10 years. Money is actually changing hands online and solid business models have been created for the web.

Sometimes I look at our technology today, that we have and think, ‘Wow! All of this stuff is so cool! How can it get better?’ After Phil described the vision of worldhistory.com, I began to realize that the best really is yet to be. We will continue to see amazing new innovations in the short-term, and we’ll be blown away by what we experience in the long term.