A simple way to increase productivity

Using 3M’s Post-it Software Notes has really helped me become more organized. As a web technology guy, there are so many things that I need to do, fix, update, submit, etc. By using these virtual post-its, I have been able to organize my thoughts, and the things I need to do.

I keep a master ToDo note with all of the tasks that I need to accomplish. Then I create new notes listing the tasks I need to accomplish to get the master tasks done. As the sub-tasks are complete, I just erase them, and then I trash the whole task related post-it.

This is a very light product in that it doesn’t take up many system resources. You can configure it so that you see a little post-it note pad down in your windows task-bar notification area, and you just click it for a new note.

If you do not wish it have another program on your task-bar, go to preferences and select “Taskbar notification only” under the Notepad display. Do not select “Desktop only” as you will lose all access to the program preferences and the ability to create new notes. I had to remove the program and re-install it to get that functionality back.

It seems to be a great, simple program. It is free, and you can get it from Downloads.com

Does anyone else know of a better program? Or another way to increase productivity?