Blog Aggregator and Feed Syndicator php5

This last week, I used the PEAR XML_Feed_Parser class to create a Blog Aggregator. After attempting to use various feed aggregation scripts that were currently available, I found that I never had enough control over what I wanted to do with it.

Here is what my Blog Aggregator does:

  • Accept an array of feed urls, fetch and cache the results
  • Create Blog objects and store appropriate information (Title, Link, etc.)
  • Create BlogEntry objects for each item in the blogs. These BlogEntries have a reference to blog from which they came.
  • Sort the BlogEntries so that they are in chronoligical order (or any other order you wish)

Now that my aggregator can give me all of the entries to the array of feeds that I gave it, and I can re-order the feeds how I want, I have enough to re-display the feeds on my site. I will place a link here when we have the new php5 server up and running, with the new site installed. This has made things very convenient for taking blog data and formatting it how I would like.

I am also creating RSS 2.0 feeds from the blog aggregation. The new php5 DOM library is great for creating feeds. It is also very easy to use Cache_Lite to cache your feeds for future use. I will be posting some code here when the software is a little bit more stable.

I am also trying to get set up so that I can work on PEAR classes and contribute back to the open source community.

Once again 5 stars for php5.