I Think Google Listened

Google just released a new toolbar (version 4) for Internet Explorer today. Among the new features of the toolbar is bookmark management. I had suggested in the Google-Firefox-Extensions group back in October that they create some sort of bookmark management toolbar so that you can easily access and manage your bookmarks from any computer.

Well, I can’t really say that it was my suggestion that influenced them to put it in the Google toolbar, but at least I know that my idea was a good one. I can’t wait until the toolbar is released for Firefox 1.5.

2 thoughts on “I Think Google Listened”

  1. Del.icio.us stores and organizes bookmarks really well for you, but unless I’ve missed something, it seems that you have to do all of this from their website, or someone has to put a link on their site that automates adding the page to your delicious account.

    Someone posted in the google groups conversation that there was a toolbar that worked with del.icio.us, but I decided not to install it after I read several reviews that it really buggy.

    I still haven’t used the new toolbar for IE, so I don’t know how well it manages bookmarks from the toolbar. I’ll post again after I’ve tried it out.

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