New Ideas – Search by Singing, PDA tag clouds

Yesterday, I had some interesting ideas come to mind that I think I will share here.

First, I have to provide a link to one of the coolest new sites that I’ve seen on the Internet in quite a while. System One Labs has a new product that they are testing called retrievr. It is a search by sketch application. Currently, System One Labs has indexed the photos that are ranked as the most interesting on flickr. Users can then create a sketch of an image with really basic paint tools, and retrievr will run its algorithm for finding the images that match the best. It is a fun exercise to pick a photo in the interesting archives and see if you can get it to turn up in the results as you sketch it. This is way cool!

So, if they can do this with sketching, I bet it can be done with singing. How many times have you had a song melody or chorus come to mind, but you can’t remember the name or artist of the song. You might not even remember how the rest of the song goes.

It would be a really cool application if you could go online, sing into a microphone the chorus of a song, and you would get samples of the top 20 songs that match your singing. When you find the song you were trying to sing, you would select the correct song, and the program would match your singing file with that song. There could be a link to buy the song online from Apple, or another music store. You could also listen to other people’s renditions of the song. This is where I think it could become very entertaining. It would kind of be like a virtual karaoke. I think this would be really cool, and Flash has the capability to connect to media devices, so I think it could be done.

My next idea is kind of more vague, and I’m still trying to put my finger down on what it is exactly that the application would do. It stems from my thought that we are always making and wanting lists of things. My wife has a stack of post-it size papers which she always creates lists on. She writes down lists of movies we want to watch, grocery lists, things to do that day, lists of songs to buy, lists of meals she can cook, etc.

I was thinking, there has to be a better way to manage all of these lists. I know there are palm applications for creating lists and such, but I’m thinking of moving more into a Web 2.0 style of things. What if your palm or pocketpc indexed things like we do on blogs (all blogs except blogger blogs, which I happen to use). Tagging seems to be the new favorite thing for people. We tag everything now, and then we have these tag clouds that show us the most pressing, or most interesting tags.

So, what if we began tagging on our pdas, adding metadata to all of our data. Our lists and things could synchronize with an Internet database, and we could have tag clouds on our pda, and all of our lists and interests online. I’m thinking that there could probably be some linking algorithms between lists, comparing different people’s lists with matching tags, doing kind of a Google Sets type of thing. I don’t know there might be something cool in this.