Sharing New Ideas – Love Is The Killer App

Last night, I began reading the book “Love Is The Killer App” by Tim Sanders. He says something about sharing new ideas that I think is very true. He states,

If you have a great idea for running a business, and it is adapted throughout your industry, your idea is more, not less, valuable. Value today derives from an idea that everyone has accepted, and then competition sets in to perfect the execution of that idea.

I think this has been a problem that I’ve run into a lot in the past. I have thought of something that I think would be really cool, but I wouldn’t dare tell anyone about it because they might “steal” the idea. Now I still think there are some things that you should keep private, but I think I need to loosen up a little bit and share my ideas more freely with other people.

It is really cool to work for Provo Labs, because I get to see Paul Allen, a very successful entrepreneur, follow the principles taught in this book. He says that it has brought a lot of happiness that had been missing from his business life prior to reading this book. He bought each of us a copy and gave them to us at our company mixer yesterday.

So far, I love the book! It reads really fast, and is packed with good information. I’ll probably blog more about it as I get further into the book.