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Hello world,

This last week and a half I have finally made the switch from php4 to php5. I had read for months about the cool things that php5 does, but I never found a good php5 web host. Does anyone know of any?

I am working for Provo Labs, a cutting-edge Internet business incubator, and we are building a new server this next week that will host php5. So, I finally was able to make the switch.

So far, I love php5. Php5 helps developers create Web 2.0 applications much quicker with its new DOM library and SOAP extension. As I was working in php4 I always had to find an extension, or some kind of class that someone had written to do fundamental tasks for web services, and after making the switch, things became so much easier and clearer.

2 thoughts on “Switch from php4 to php5”

  1. I like PHP5 a lot too! Bluehost is my favorite web host (they are also located in Orem) and I just discovered this week that they offer PHP5, but they don’t really publicize it so you have to ask for it. They are also going to offer Ruby on Rails starting today.

  2. I didn’t know that Bluehost offered PHP5. This site is actually hosted by Bluehost. I will have to contact them to make the switch.

    That’s also good news that they are offering Rails hosting as well. I have a goal to become proficient with Rails this year.

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