Three New, Cool Google Firefox Extensions

Google has released a few really cool extensions for Firefox. I think they are all worth checking out.The first toolbar is a Safe Browsing extension which will warn you if you have stumbled upon a phishing site. Usually phishing sites are pretty easy to spot because they ask for information that should never be asked by any website. I think this extension is especially valuable if you know someone who you are concerned might fall into one of these phishing traps.I am using the second extension to create this post on this Blogger powered blog. The extension puts a little icon down at the bottom of your browser and will alert you to anything in the blog-o-sphere linking to the page you are viewing. If you would like to add a comment about the page, simply click on “Add Comment.” This allows you to log into your blogger account and make a post to any of your blogs. I think this will help me improve my blog post-rate. There are other extensions out there that will also allow you to post to whatever other blogging technology that you may be using.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other Firefox Blogging Extensions?

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One thought on “Three New, Cool Google Firefox Extensions”

  1. A few of my favorites:

    Web Developer – Way cool tool for people who work with web pages.

    CustomizeGoogle – Search suggestion, numbered results, and more.

    SearchStatus – Displays PageRank and Alexa ranking with cool SEO tools (Keyword Densitity, Backword links, etc)

    Flashblock – No more bandwidth and attention theiving flash ads!

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