Boot Camp Boosts Apple Stock

Yesterday, Apple released Boot Camp Public Beta which provides all of the software to run Windows on a Intel-powered Mac.

I have a friend who has hacked his system to dual-boot Windows XP and Mac OS X, but he had no native video card drivers and his machine wouldn’t shut down properly.

I had been considering buying a new Mac Book Pro, an Intel-powered iMac, or an Intel-powered Mac Mini, but I had been holding off until it looked like the dual-boot thing would be more supported.

All around the Information Systems program, Boot Camp has been the big buzz. I have heard several people say, “Buying a Mac is all of a sudden very tempting!”

I love Mac OS X. I think the interface is clean, beautiful, and easy to use. I’m excited to buy a Mac shortly in the future!

Apple Stock has jumped over 15% since the announcement.


Also, check out Google’s new Finance Beta. It is awesome!