Switch to WordPress from Blogger

I finally made the switch to WordPress and combined my Tech and Biz blog with my PHP blog. WordPress 2.0 has added import functionality to their admin control panel, and has a great Blogger import tool. I just followed the import wizard, and my blogs imported just fine.

I put in some 301 redirects from my other blogs to my new blog address. Unfortunately I will lose some page rank on the new blog for a while, but I figure it’s better to make the switch sooner than later.

I went through all of my posts and tagged them up with categories. I’m excited about using WordPress for my blogging because of the categories and the extensibility. I feel like it is freeing me up to blog about a wider range of topics without feeling so constrained. If someone wants to only get my php feeds, they can register to the php category feed.

I am excited to install some cool plug-ins and themes. I’d like to write my own theme so that it matches the theme of my website.

Does anyone have a plug-in or theme that they would recommend?

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