Disappearing From Google

Disappearing From GoogleAbout a month ago, I made a switch from Blogger to WordPress, and imported my php blog and tech blog into Jimmy’z Blog. In the process I set up 301 permanent moves to my /blog/ address, which worked pretty slick. About a month later, I’ve noticed that my pages are Disappearing From Google. After I had made the switch, I read Paul Allen’s post on Changing domain names “learning the hard way.

I feel like Marty McFly on Back to the Future when he looked at his family picture and one by one his siblings began to fade away. That is what’s happening to me on Google.

The strange thing is that my journal (http://jimmyzimmerman.com/journal/) has also disappeared, and I haven’t messed with that at all. In checking my analytics, I only get about one referral from Google per day, and that is on the search term “Jimmy Zimmerman.”

Lots of my pages are also coming up as “Supplemental Results” as well. I have read a few sites on what that means, but nobody has a clear and official answer yet.
Does anyone have any advice? What can I do?

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  1. Just noticed your post on Paul Allen’s blog.

    You did the redirect right if you used 301 Permanent Redirects. However, the redirects need to point to the same content that was there before (eg. oldblog.com/2006/04/05 should not redirect to jimmyzimmerman.com/) otherwise it will appear to Google that you are duplicating content.

    Also, if you register with Google Sitemaps and submit a sitemap to Google they will provide feedback on which URLs of yours are being indexed and which are returning errors.

    Remember, any time your server returns a 404 to Google, they drop your page from their indexes.

    You should also be redirecting http://www.jimmyzimmerman.com to jimmyzimmerman.com since the search engines (incl. Google) consider those two seperate sites.

    Also do a search for your old site on google like “site:jimmysoldsite.com” and see whether any links come up broken.

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