Importance of Internet Marketing

Yesterday, Francisco Pascual, Provo Labs‘ Internet marketing guy, presented on the cool stuff that he’s been doing these last couple of weeks. His presentation made me realize the critical Importance of Internet Marketing.

Francisco showed up prepared with numbers, charts, and action items. His findings made it very clear which areas of development needed urgent care. By using Omniture’s Site Catalyst, he was able to show hard numbers on conversion rates and bounce rates, and was able to make some suggestions on pages and sites that need tweaking.

I think web analytics are so cool because you get real proof on what is working on a web page, and what isn’t. Without analytics you have to guess, and web design is based on personal preference without anything real to back it up.

By using web analytics together with your Pay Per Click campaigns, you can more easily find which campaigns are giving you your best ROI and how to better make money on the web.

Thanks Francisco, your presentation was awesome.