Skype Is Top Mover

Skype’s free calls to U.S. and Canada land line phones has splashed a wave of visitors to their site. This week, Skype Is Top Mover on the top movers and shakers.

My company’s CEO, Paul Allen, says that offering something free is an amazing Internet marketing tool and this proves it. Check out their spike in traffic:

Skype Is Top Mover

Using Skype to Call Landlines is really easy to do, and a ton of people are now trying VOIP phone calls for the first time. These same people then are more likely to buy something from Skype such as one of their accessories that make using VOIP an even better experience.

They also offer services such as SMS text messaging to cell phones and International calls to landlines and mobiles for low rates. Now that they have a lot more people trying out their free service, they will be able to sell more of their other products to these new customers.

One thought on “Skype Is Top Mover”

  1. The free Skype Out is great but I think that it is only free until the end of the year (which is still quite a ways off.) So, you can expect the spike to tapper off or to increase at a lower rate. It sure is a great move to get people to trying it out and stick with it.

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