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This morning, Michael Eagar wrote about Google Trends, which gives insights into search patterns. I have to say, it is way cool. Anyway, I thought I would check out some trends on web technologies.

Looking at Ruby on Rails, it looks like it is having some steady growth:

But you can’t really see to what extent until you compare it with another search term:

In this graph, we’ve got java (orange) in the lead, followed by php (light blue), vb (darker blue), c# (green), and then Ruby on Rails (red).

This gives a pretty good indication on the popularity of the above languages, however, Java is used a lot for things other than web applications. The .NET framework is split up over several languages (c#, vb, and more), so it is hard to compare usage of Sun’s Java EE (Java) in comparison to Microsoft’s .NET framework.

Anyways, as you can see, Ruby on Rails is still very small, but will hopefully continue to gain some momentum. One of my goals this summer is to build an application in Ruby on Rails. I have already completed several tutorials and see some major potential for building websites really quickly.

Note: Google has been blocking graph images at random, so if the graphs don’t show up, then Right-click the image, click on View Image, and refresh a couple of times 🙂

One thought on “Google Trends”

  1. Very interesting trend comparison. I like it! You know, I am learning Ruby on Rails, too.

    Ruby has been around a lot longer than Ruby on Rails. You’ll see better results using that keyword, but only slightly. I had no idea Java was so popular, though.

    Did you know our very own Jamis Buck of 37 Signals here in Utah is a recovering Java developer? He switched to RoR and is a much happier developer from what I can tell.

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