Using Lightbox JavaScript

Lightbox is a really cool JavaScript library that is used to view images in their full size and glory. Using Lightbox JavaScript is really easy too, as all you have to do is add about 4 lines of code, and an additional rel property in your anchor tags. Visit their site to see how to do it.

I recently used Lightbox for a redesign of my dad’s pianos website On his site, he has an image gallery of his pianos, as well as a list of pianos that he has for sale. The old site used to use ugly pop-up windows or just take you to the full image. The usability of the site has been greatly improved by this simple script.

Lightbox image zoom used on

2 thoughts on “Using Lightbox JavaScript”

  1. Jimmy, did my ugly image popup windows on my blog about Gmail vs. Hotmail inspire this blog post? (I doubt it, but it would be flattering to hear.)

    Does this script work with word press? It is relaly cool I liked what it does on your Father’s site. A great option for the broad band website user.

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