New – Google Offers SVN Project Repository

Today, at the Open Source Convention (OSCON), Google made a big announcement that they would be providing a project repository similar to that of SourceForge. The service will use Subversion (SVN) for version control.

When creating your project you can specify the license that you would like to apply to your Open Source Project.

The service also includes issue tracking (similar to trac), and uses your Google account to check-out the code.

It will be interesting to see if the Open Source community embraces this new service.

2 thoughts on “New – Google Offers SVN Project Repository”

  1. Nice and timely.

    Check out what NewsForge is reporting about the svn bit:

    “The other main feature for Google Code hosting, according to Stein, is a “massively scalable Subversion repository.” Stein says Google rebuilt Subversion to store data in Big Table, a massively scalable, highly available storage technology used in Google.”

    Pretty cool eh?

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