CakePHP – a good transition into Ruby-on-Rails

About two months ago, I was introduced to CakePhp, a Ruby-on-Rails-inspired php framework. After studying the various rails-inspired php frameworks, I decided that Cake was the way to go. My experience has been great, although there have been some bumps along the road.
For almost a year, I had been wanting to dive into Ruby-on-Rails. I had successfully completed a few Rails tutorials, but, at the time I didn’t program in Ruby. Therefore the lines were blurred as to what was being done by Ruby and what was being done by Rails magic. CakePHP has provided a great transition for me, as I’ve been able to learn the framework without learning Ruby.

I have read most of Agile Web Development with Rails, and am now able to differentiate between the Rails work and the Ruby work. Ruby looks like a really fun language to learn, and I hear it is really powerful. I would love to jump into it fully now and reap the benefits of this beautiful framework.

I wouldn’t ever want to develop another site without a good php framework. CakePHP is a great framework to work with. However, it still isn’t as mature as Ruby-on-Rails, and doesn’t support all of the features that Rails does. That’s why I still want to jump into Ruby-on-Rails.

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  1. Jimmy, did you try PHP on Trax or Symfony? Trax was developed by a local PHP developer named John Peterson and was intended to be a verbatim “port” of Rails. Symfony appears to have a large community. I haven’t tried them, so if you have I’d be curious to get your opinion. John Taber also wrote about several frameworks but didn’t really like any of them, so I’m sure your opinion in favor would be interesting to hear in detail.

  2. I’m in the same boat in regards to being reluctant to develop another site without a proper framework! The problem is I’m having a difficult time choosing which one! The thing that appeals to me about Ruby is that it has Rails and only Rails. Plus I’m intrigued by the syntax!

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