New Blogger Beta Offers Tagging

Blogger has released a new beta for their blogging platform! One of the cool things about it is that the New Blogger Beta Offers Tagging! There are a bunch of other new features that are pretty cool with this new Blogger platform. The guys at Google have been working hard.
New Features:

  • Tagging, or “labels” as they call it
  • Blog comment feeds (per site or per post)
  • A new template editor, lets you drag-n-drop elements on the page, add lots of new sidebar elements to your blog, and choose font styles without knowing any css.

The new platform looks almost idential to the old Blogger platform, so Bloggers won’t be confused when they use the new Beta. However, there isn’t yet any support for publishing your blog to your own domain via ftp.

Will this influence me to switch back to Blogger? No, but I might try it out for a while if I decide to create a new blog.

2 thoughts on “New Blogger Beta Offers Tagging”

  1. Thanks for the emphasis on that point Mike. I mentioned that in this post (2nd to the last paragraph), but I should probably add a note to my last post.

    At the time I published the last post, I hadn’t yet seen the new Beta Blogger.

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