Blogging For a Baby

Exciting news!

My wife and I just made it into the waiting pool of adoptive parents with LDS Family Services! Because LDS Family Services allows the birth-parents to choose who they will be placing their baby with, we have been encouraged to actively seek out those who might be in need of placing their baby for adoption. We’ve heard many stories from adoptive parents who received their baby because they knew someone who knew someone who was looking to place their baby for adoption.

We are actively spreading the word about our adoption status. Therefore, I’m Blogging For a Baby. I haven’t yet heard of anyone receiving a baby because of blogging, but I think a blog is a great way to spread the word. I would appreciate it if any of you who are reading this could help me out and link to this post. Who knows, you might know someone who is needing to place their baby with adoptive parents.

LDS Family Services is a wonderful agency to go through for both adoptive parents and birth parents. They are very sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of birth-parents, and they do everything possible to make sure that they feel good about their decision of who they place their baby with. LDS Family Services also helps birth-parents cover expenses of having the child. Please, if you know someone who is pregnant and their situation will make it difficult to raise a child, kindly encourage adpotion through LDS Family Services.

Our profile will soon be posted online on the Provident Living website. Along with that, I have posted our adoption photo collage so that birth parents could better get to know us.

Jimmy and Esther's Adoption Collage Jimmy and Esther's Adoption Collage (back)

We are very excited to meet the birth-parent(s) who will help us to become parents. We will be excited to send pictures and letters to the birth-mother, if she so desires, so that she can follow the progress of the baby as it grows up.

Thanks everyone for your help. This means a lot to us. If you have any questions, leave a comment, or feel free to email me: jimmy(dot)zimmerman(at)gmail(dot)com