How Will Online Video Affect the Election?

I just cast my ballot for this year’s election season. I don’t express my opinions much on politics with anyone other than my immediate family because I don’t really like to argue. People get really heated over political views, so I usually stay out of it. Maybe some day I’ll become more active in the whole political arena, but as a student, I really don’t have much time to study all of the issues very thoroughly.

Because my time has been stretched so thin, I haven’t had much time to study all of the issues, but I wasn’t about to go to the polls without really taking a look at things. This morning, I set aside a few hours to go through all of the U.S. Senate and Congress candidates’ websites to read through the issues. Then I was thinking, ‘I wish I had watched some of the debates. That would help me make a better decision on which candidate to vote for.’

I then went to You Tube and searched for some of the candidates and found some of the debates and campaign commercials. Needless to say, the videos I watched locked me in on a few of the candidates. I don’t have TiVo, and I’m rarely home to watch TV, so online video has given me a chance to catch up on the issues and feel comfortable with the votes that I made.

I wonder how many other people’s votes were influenced by online video. With online video streaming still being so young, I bet we will see online video making more of an impact in the future.

In the years to come, political candidates will need to stay on top of new Internet trends including online video, blog networks, and social networking.

One thought on “How Will Online Video Affect the Election?”

  1. My votes were definitely influenced by online video. As an absentee (Texas) voter in Utah, I had to rely on Youtube and other video-sharing sites to make informed decisions.

    I agree with you that politicians will have to rely on the use of online video and social networking sites more and more in the years to come. Great post!

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