Veotag – My kind of video site

I recently got hooked on a site called Veotag lets you click on text that describes what’s going on within a video clip and jump you right to that point in the video. Most videos are bookmarked in an outline fashion which makes them very easy to follow.
Veotag is ideal for educational videos such as panel discussions, interviews, and keynote speeches. Here are some videos I found fascinating and very worthwhile:

As I watch the videos I keep a Microsoft One Note window open and jot down as many notes as I can.

The great thing about Veotag is that you can see where you are in the video in relation to the outline presented and you can see where you are going next. If you want to replay a section, you just click on the bookmark and you are taken right there. Using Veotag is like having pdf bookmarks for video. Their search also returns very relevant results because there is good text that describes the entire video.

Warning: Once you start watching, you can’t stop. Be prepared for hours of great education.

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