Windows PowerShell Week

I know I’m a little bit late, but this week is Windows PowerShell Week. Microsoft is doing a new webcast on the PowerShell everyday. They will be posting previous webcasts as well. I’ve had only two days’ journey into PowerShell and I have to say IT IS AWESOME! You can control EVERYTHING on a Windows box with PowerShell.

Linux has something to catch up on with this, because with PowerShell you can pipe objects, not just text. It has very good help tools, and is backed by the entire .NET Framework. In Windows PowerShell, you can instantiate any .NET, COM, or WMI object right at the command prompt. This is way powerful as you can do anything from managing Active Directory to creating Excel Spreadsheet files.

Today I was navigating the web in Internet Explorer right from the shell. I’m not a big fan of IE, but imagine the possibilities of being able to script browser behavior for website testing. Sadly, testing in IE is so important as the majority of the world still uses the blue e for web browsing.

Anyways, Windows PowerShell will replace the cmd.exe in Windows Vista. You can grab the beta and run it on XP or Server 2003 right now. Try it out! It really is cool!