IE7 and IE6 on Same Machine

I’ve been hesitant to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 because according to analytics data on several of my sites, the majority of Internet Explorer users are still on IE6. My wait is now over. I can finally run my automatic update to install Internet Explorer 7 because Microsoft has released a Virtual PC hard drive image for testing web applications in Internet Explorer 6.

This is great news for web developers and web designers, because IE7 has changed the way it interprets CSS. While I have yet to do much extensive testing of CSS in IE7, I have heard from several designers that the CSS implementation in Internet Explorer 7 is a lot nicer to work with and that it is more standards compliant.

Web surfers are now split between 3 browsers: Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox. Web designers can now test their sites in all 3 browsers by using Microsoft’s Virtual PC. Read more about this on the Microsoft IEBLog.

Browser Distribution from my Google Analytics:

Browser distribution

Internet Explorer Distribution:

Internet Explorer distribution

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