The Ultimate Guide to Web Success

The small team at 37signals has created some of the most innovative, clean, and useful products on the web. Their development philosophy has turned them into one of the marvels of the 2nd web movement (I know I’ll get beaten if I say “web 2.0”).

If you haven’t read 37signals’ book titled Getting Real yet, you should start reading it today. Get it free on the web, and listen to the Business Jive interview with Jason Fried, President of 37signals.

I have had intentions to read the book for a long time, but I have a hard time getting around to buying books. I discovered the online version just yesterday, and I just read about a third of the book tonight.

Every essay that I’ve read so far has given me important insights that will help me become a more effective project manager and software engineer. Now I plan to implement each principle and write about the successes gained by doing so.

Happy reading. Honestly, this book is the best thing I’ve read in a long time.