Blog Tag: 5 things you don’t yet know about Jimmy Zimmerman

I’ve been tagged by Carolynn Duncan for the blog tag game that has been circulating the blogosphere lately. So, here are 5 things you don’t yet know about me:

1. I play four musical instruments.

Music has been an important part of my life. I learned to play the piano when I was young and took lessons until I was finishing middle school. In middle school, I began playing the drums and the trumpet. I only played trumpet for about a year in middle school, but I pull it out and play every summer in my parents’ neighborhood Labor Day breakfast band. I pursued drumming very seriously in high school and at one time was taking lessons from both Jay Lawrence, and Doug Wolfe. During my time at BYU, I’ve played steel drums in the Panoramic Steel band, and drum set for Syncopation, the BYU Jazz choir. Since returning from my LDS mission, I have picked up the guitar, but I’m not that good.

2. I ate dinner with an Iraqi governor.

In the summer of 2005, some Iraqi government officials came to Utah for a visit. My mother was invited to host a dinner for one of the governors. Our family was delighted to have him over, and we had a very pleasant dinner. Through an interpreter, he talked about how bad Saddam was, and how amazed he is that everything here just works. He was so amazed that people actually obeyed traffic laws.

3. I’m a Star Wars fanatic.

I love Star Wars, and have ever since I was little. I have a journal from when I was 2 years old, and my first entry was a crayon drawing of Darth Vader. Speaking of Darth Vader, I got to hang out with David Prowse, the actor who played in the Darth Vader suit for the classic trilogy. He was at the hotel that my friends and I were staying at while attending a Star Wars convention in Denver in 2000 before the launch of Episode I. I have a Jedi robe, and I dressed up for the launch of Episode I and III.

4. I like to ballroom dance.

I met my wife in a beginning social dance class at BYU (Dance 180). We were partners in a Cha-Cha competition. Since then, we’ve taken several other classes together, and we placed 2nd in a Rumba competition, and 5th in a Swing competition. We love to dance whenever we have the chance.

5. I’m a Piano technician.

My dad owns a little piano shop in which he restores used pianos. I worked for about 5 years as a piano technician for my dad. I tune, repair, regulate, refinish, and move pianos. Although I can tune pianos, I don’t like doing it much. It’s very tedious work. I have moved a couple hundred pianos in my life. Piano moving is all about having the right equipment. I have moved very large pianos up very large staircases with just a couple of guys and the right equipment. Piano moving is one of the more enjoyable things to do in the piano business.

Now it’s time to pass this along. I tag: Kevin Willeitner, Jordy Gunderson, Kory Hoopes, Brian Corrales, and Michael Eagar.

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