Blogging in the Classroom

This is my last semester of school in the BYU Master of Information Systems Management program. Technology is revolutionizing the way we do things in everyday life as well as in the classroom. This semester is the second time I’ve been required to blog. Dr. Stephen Liddle has decided to require blogging for two classes, which I think is a good idea.

Blogging has landed me jobs and opened up many work opportunities. Blogging has pushed me to better organize concepts into complete thoughts and to think critically about new technologies. Blogging has also given me the chance to share some of my knowledge to help other people.

So, if it seems that the content of my blog changes during these next few months, it is because I will be blogging on Information Architecture and Web Analytics for those classes.

1 thought on “Blogging in the Classroom”

  1. Jimmy,

    This is very interesting to me because I have never blogged. I am not sure how it even works. But I have a friend that does. She keeps it more like a journal. And, of course there’s you. How does it help you get jobs? I didn’t realize it was such a growing part of technology. How can blogging help someone like me or how can I use blogging to better enhance things I do. I need to understand how exactly it has benefited you and how I could make it benefit me if it can benefit me. Is it only for the computer nerdy type people? (no offense, of course :) )

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