SEO and Wikipedia

Last week, as we talked about search engine optimization in our web analytics class, someone mentioned that they had gained some good page rank from linking to relative articles from Wikipedia. This will no longer work. I’m not sure when the change was made, it may have been made a long time ago, but Blake Snow brought to my attention that Wikipedia uses the rel=”nofollow” attribute in the external link tags.

Using rel=”nofollow” in external link tags has been common practice for a long time in blog and bulletin board software. So, if you want to increase incoming links to your site, don’t count on using wikipedia, comments on blogs, forum messages, and the like. If you look at the page source you will likely find the rel=”nofollow” attribute in outgoing links.

Getting links to your site is a challenging thing. Like Blake says, the best way to get legitimate links to your site is to write some good content. My most linked-to blog posts have been the ones I’ve spent the most time on.

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