UK Get A Mac Commercials

I just discovered that Apple has UK versions of the Get A Mac commercials. There’s something about the British accent and lingo that makes these extra funny. My favorite is the “Office at Home” commercial.

Anyways, I’m still stuck on a PC, but have been dieing to get a mac for about 3 years now. We’re saving up for a Mac, so I’ll probably get one as a graduation present. I’m still not sure whether I want a high-end Mac Book, or a smaller Mac Book Pro. Does anyone have any advice for me on this?

As soon as I’ve got an Internet connection that gives me a public IP address, I’ll probably get a Mac Mini to host my files and act as a small web server.

2 thoughts on “UK Get A Mac Commercials”

  1. The MacBook Pro is both higher end and bigger than the MacBook. If you’re talking about the full-blown tower, that is the Mac Pro, and if you can afford it, it sure looks beautiful. My MacBook Pro is now a little outdated and only has the Intel Core Duo rather than the Core 2, but since it’s outdated, that means it’s cheaper. You can get it at CDW for $1400.

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