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To start the semester, I’m listing the Web Analytics Resources that I know of. I don’t have any experience yet with Omniture Site Catalyst, but I’ve used Google Analytics for over a year and have really enjoyed the quality of reports that I get from its reports in comparison to log file reports. This semester we are going to learn how to effectively set up and manage an Omniture Site Catalyst account. That will be really cool.

Here are some resources on Web Analytics and Internet Marketing in general:

  • Google’s Conversion University – This is a resource that is often overlooked by webmasters. I have to admit that I didn’t take any time to look at the site until recently. The site features articles on driving more traffic, converting visitors, and tracking and testing.
  • Matt Belkin’s Blog – Matt Belkin is the Vice President of the Best Practices team at Omniture.
  • Matt Cutts Videos – Matt Cutts has pretty much acted as the Google mouthpiece to the webmasters with burning questions about the mysteries of Google. These videos give some crucial information if you are going to run a website. This relates to Analytics because Google is usually the number one driver of traffic to a site. In this age, you have to know how to effectively get listed in Google’s search engine.
  • Google Webmaster Central – Google’s webmaster central is a must use for webmasters. I once saw my site traffic take a huge dive after switching my site to a new hosting service, and the Google Webmaster tools guided me to the problem. I had missed some important redirect scripts which were causing 404 errors in the Googlebot’s crawl through my site.
  • Bruce Clay Inc. – Bruce Clay has set up some good, free resources to help webmasters in their Internet marketing. My favorite thing here is the Search Engine Relationship Chart. This chart describes the relationships between the major search engines. It used to be that you had to submit your site to hundreds of search engines. Now days, there are just a few that provide search results to the majority of the web.
  • Google Analytics Blog – I hate to put so many resources from Google, but they also have an official blog that posts articles about using Google Analytics. It has some good stuff.
  • Web Analytics Association – The articles section of the website has some in depth research in Web Analytics.

Do you know have any favorite resources related to Web Analytics that I don’t have listed here?

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  1. Here are some other resources that I neglected to mention here.

    MarketingVox – This site posts news related to the Internet Marketing community. If you want to know what is going on with the big Internet companies, you’ll find it here. Also, they report on new trends that you might want to keep your eye on.

    Marketing Sherpa – Sign up for their free newsletters. Free access to their new case studies are open for about a week. The newsletter will keep you informed of these new studies. You can also subscribe to gain access to their entire repository of articles.

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