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I was recently introduced to CrazyEgg analytics, a new contender in the lower-end analytics realm. CrazyEgg is all about visualizing your web visitors. It provides a pretty neat click map and heat map overlay.

Click maps are very useful in showing how your visitors use your site. Google Analytics has offered a click map overlay for a long time. Enterprise-grade Omniture has a far superior click-map to that of Google. So what’s so special about CrazyEgg?

CrazyEgg not only tracks the links that users are clicking on, but it logs the x,y coordinate of the click, which is what they use to generate their heatmaps. These heat maps are different from the heatmaps that you may have seen in MarketingSherpa case studies, which actually track eye movement. CrazyEgg heatmaps are only showing clicks.

While these heatmaps don’t give a 100% accurate representation of what visitors look at, I suppose it could give some insights as to positioning on pages, and make better use of expensive page real-estate that lies above the fold.

I’d be interested in finding out how CrazyEgg defines its metrics such as visits, pageviews, etc., and what types of date ranges you can run with your reports. What happens when you change your page? What if certain elements on the page are dynamic and the page isn’t the same every time? Will it appear that the more stationary links such as top-level site navigation are the most popular items? I’m sure the CrazyEgg people have answers for all of these questions, I’m just curious.

I haven’t yet set up CrazyEgg analytics on this site, because their free version is way too restrictive. It only allows 4 pages to be tracked. If I had an eCommerce store, I would probably pay for an account.

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