Toys 2.0 – Mashups at their best

The ability to mash two or more concepts into a new product has sparked some really creative ideas that have received a lot of attention in the web 2.0 boom. Recently, toys have seen some thrilling success, as movie brands have been mashed up with traditional toys of the past.

My favorite mashup has been Star Wars mashing with Legos. I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan, so naturally I get really excited when traditional toys get mashed up with Star Wars themes. I’m kind of jealous of kids now days, although I have a 1366 piece Imperial Star Destroyer sitting in my spare bedroom, waiting to be assembled.

The mashup concept was taken to a new level as Lego Star Wars: the video game was released. I don’t play many video games, but when I visit our in-laws, I usually have a good time playing some games with my brothers-in-law. Lego Star Wars I and II bring together 3 great concepts into an extremely creative, fun game.

My sister sent me a link this morning to a new mashup, Spider Spud. Wow! This one is awesome! I already have Darth Tater and Spud Trooper, but I’ll probably have to get this one too.

Spider Spud

I may have just revealed too much of my underlying nerdiness, if I hadn’t done so already with this blog. In case you’re wondering, yes, all of my action figures are cherry.

2 thoughts on “Toys 2.0 – Mashups at their best”

  1. They have a spud trooper? I’ll have to go pick that one up and put him next to Darth Tater on my computer desk. I like to keep all evidence of my nerdiness in one incriminating spot.

  2. Hey Jim…. but do you have the R2D2 tater? It comes with a princess lea tater that is little and a blueish transparent color that is supposed to resemble when R2 delivered that message to ObiWan in Episode 4….

    Hey this will all be worth a lot some day!

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