Finally done with school

Today was my final day of graduation ceremonies. I’ve finally completed six years of college and now have both a  BSIS  (Bachelor of Science, Information Systems) and a MISM (Master of Information Systems Management) degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management.

So what are my plans from here on out? A partner, Brian Corrales, and I have started a business named Apriux. It comes from the Latin root prius which means “ahead of” or “leading.” We will be offering web consulting services including design, development (php and ruby), analytics analysis, and Internet marketing services. We are connected with some of the best design and development professionals in the industry and we are going to have a really exciting first year.

We are currently working with some really good clients and will be helping them to launch their products in the coming months.

If you know anybody that is looking to either establish or grow their presence on the web, please let me know. We’ll gladly work them in as soon as our availability opens back up.

We are also looking for more talented developers to join the team.