Giving Seth Godin a Ride to the Airport

Yesterday, Brian and I were given an opportunity of a lifetime. We were able to go and hear Seth Godin speak about his new book, The Dip, in person. I was really excited about this, and grateful for all of the work and effort that Phil and the Word Mob team had spent to make it happen.

I thought the event was handled really well, and it was great to mingle with other Utah professionals that share similar interests. Before Seth arrived, Patrick Byrne – the CEO of Overstock, and Judd Bagley gave a small presentation on Omuse and the goal it has in bringing together communities that are protected from sabotage.

When Seth came into the room, it was cool to see Patrick Byrne’s face light up and say with a smile, “Here’s Seth.” Patrick was standing off to the side of the stage at that time.

Anyways, Seth gave an awesome presentation on overcoming mediocrity and becoming a superstar by becoming the best in the world at what you do. I’ll write a little more later about my thoughts on the presentation, as I compile my notes together and put more thought into it.

As Brian and I were leaving the Salt Palace, we saw Seth on the side of the road flagging a taxi, and Phil pushing a Mercedes SUV out of traffic. We quickly turned around and offered to help out. Seth and Phil hopped in my humble little Honda Accord, and we raced off to the airport. It was pretty crazy in the car at first as we disputed about the best route to the airport. Read Phil’s story, it will give you somewhat of an idea of what went on.

The coolest part of the whole experience is that we got about 5 minutes of advice time from Seth pertaining to our new little company, Apriux. If hearing Seth speak live was an opportunity of a lifetime, I don’t know what I’d call this. It was incredible. Thanks Seth!

I feel bad that Phil’s day finish off as well as he’d hoped. He did pull off an extraordinary event. Hopefully he’ll get some more time with Seth another day.

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