Just got Grand Central!

I finally made it into the Beta of Grand Central! So far it seems really cool. I have 5 invites that I can give away to the first people who comment on this post.

If you haven’t heard about Grand Central, it’s a service that gives you a new phone number that you can use to route calls to any of your other phones. It offers Spam call filtering, a cool online voice mailbox, and click2call features.

One of the coolest features that I’ve seen is being able to seamlessly transfer a call from one phone line to another. So, say that someone calls you while you’re on the road, and you’re just getting home. You answer the call, begin your conversation, walk through your front door, press your * key on your phone and your home phone then rings. You pick up your home phone and continue your conversation on your land-line without using up more of your cell phone minutes!

It appears that most of the features will remain free after the Beta period, except for the click2call features, which will end up charging a per-minute fee.

Who else wants a Grand Central account?

17 thoughts on “Just got Grand Central!”

  1. I would love to get an invite. I was looking at this earlier and sounds interesting if you combine it with gizmo project which I believe offers free incoming calls.

  2. Hey this is great. Not sure if my previous comment got sent or not, but I would love to receive an invite cause this sounds awesome if you could team it up with gizmo projects free incoming calls.

  3. Sorry Cam and David. Scott got my last Grand Central invite. If they happen to give me more invites, I’ll send you all an email to see if you still need one.


  4. Hi – if you do get more invites could you send me one too? Have been trying for a while but always a day late and a buck short. šŸ™

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