Quick Gmail Trick

There are a lot of fun tricks that you can do with your gmail. Here’s a quick one for starters.

Your gmail address can have dots anywhere in the address and it will still make it to your account! So, say that your email is firstname.lastname@gmail.com, sending emails to the following will still make it to you inbox:


Why is this cool? Because you can freely give a variation of your email address and not worry about getting a ton of junk mail. If you begin getting junk, then set up a filter to skip your inbox and delete it.

Another trick is that you can add a tag to the end of your name as well.


That way, you can filter mail coming in, and you can put some context to it. Only downside is that some forms will incorrectly block these addresses as invalid email addresses.

Also, you might need to remember which email address you gave away if you are required to use the email address for sign-in purposes.