Screencast: Setting Up Subdomain on Hostmonster or Bluehost

Setting up a subdomain on Hostmonster and Bluehost is pretty simple. This video will show how I set up the subdomain The next screencast will show how I installed WordPress on that domain.


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Note About Subdomains

Many people prefer to use subdomains to organize the content of their site. For example, I might have used instead of Perhaps would have been an easier URL to remember.

One thing to consider is that subdomains are looked upon by Google and other search engines as separate sites. This is important when considering a site’s PageRank. By placing my blog under my main domain, I could share the PageRank of my overall site and my blog posts could get listed in search results better. Therefore, it’s a matter of weighing the benefit of a cleaner URL to the potential PageRank gains of having it all on one domain. In the end, having good content on your site will be the most important factor for search engine rankings.

A Note About My Sponsor

Please note: I am an affiliate of Hostmonster and Bluehost. I receive a commission for any account sign-ups that are referred from this site. This allows me to put in the time necessary to deliver useful content. This blog is hosted on Hostmonster. I have been a customer of both Hostmonster and Bluehost for several years now and have been very satisfied by their customer service and reliability. Hostmonster and Bluehost are the same company.

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  1. This is a great tutorial .

    I referred a friend to your video that needed help on how to build a website before the nameservers are changed from their existing host and the old site goes down. Setting up a subdomain and building the site there is a perfect solution for them.


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