Setting Up Pretty URLs in WordPress

Setting up pretty URLs is usually the first thing I do after installing a new WordPress blog. In this screencast, I will demonstrate how to turn your urls from looking like ?p=1 to /2008/2/16/post-name/. The process is pretty simple, but if file permissions aren’t set quite right, you may run into a little gotcha. This video shows how to correct this if you happen to run into that problem.

Setting Up Pretty URLs in WordPress

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Note About Pretty URLs

Pretty URLs, also known as Search Engine Friendly URLs, will help your blog’s content to be indexed better by Google and the other search engines. This is possible because the url itself describes the content of a page or post. Again, this isn’t the only factor that will affect your search engine rankings, but it will contribute to better rankings.

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  1. Make sure you have mod rewrite turned on if you are running Apache or this won’t work. Also, don’t stuff your URLs with keywords (that is repeating) cause the search engines may see this as spam. Thanks for the info.


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