Switched to Digis

My Comcast cable Internet access recently became really slow with occasional outages. The price had also jumped from the 6-month introductory price of $30/month to $53/month. So, we decided to give Digis a try.

So far, we’ve been really pleased with the service. The technician that came and installed the antenna gadget actually knew what he was doing. They called a couple of times in advance to confirm the appointment, the technician showed up on time, and was very friendly.  The Internet connection is also very responsive. I’ve been very pleased with it so far.

When we first moved into our place, our primary means of communication was our pre-paid cellphones. We have Vonage phone service, so we needed an Internet connection to get our phone up and going. The Comcast guy came out, told us it was wired up, and left. We then tried to use our cable modem, and got no connection. I was on the phone with Comcast support for an hour (on my pre-paid phone) trying to debug it before they finally realized that it wasn’t my computer, it was their network. A half a week later, they sent another guy out who said, “Yeah, I don’t know what the last guy did, but it definitely isn’t hooked up right.” Finally, we had Internet access, but it took over a week to get set up.

Digis, on the other hand, did things right the first time and even showed us how we could get a rebate on the installation fees. Thank you Digis!