Creating Software for End-Users

I just read this on Max M’s blog as I’ve been researching how to migrate a Plone 2.5 site to Plone 3. I thought this was way too good not to share.

“There is one thing I have learned through the years. Users do not do what they should. They do what they can. And if they can upload a 12 MB bmp image, they will. So I expect this to be a normal use case on many sites.”

This statement really supports the need for data validation and good UI design.

2 thoughts on “Creating Software for End-Users”

  1. I’ll add to that, that if you disallow a certain behavior the average user will not accept the technical reasons for why they can’t do that.

    The key is not to not allow certain behavior, but to make the right behavior easier and to make anything potentially confusing either to automated or broken down in to many small, easy steps.

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