So THIS is Twitter…

Although I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy, I’m not as up to date on Internet social life. Today, I updated my status on my Facebook account for the first time ever, and then I thought, Oh, I bet that is what Twitter is really all about.

I visited Twitter and lo and behold, a new video there that explains Twitter in plain English. I never really grokked Twitter, even though I knew what the Fail Whale was. I guess I’m starting to get it now.

Now I just need to actually use it.

(video provided by a cool company named Common Craft)

4 thoughts on “So THIS is Twitter…”

  1. Just got a twitter account today. My screen name is @jimmyzimmerman. I posted a couple of updates today and I’m actually starting to like the whole twitter thing.

  2. I’ve read some and viewed some strong opinions on whether Twitter is over hyped as a marketing tool. To each it’s own I guess. I don’t see how it could hurt though, hope it works for you.

  3. Twitter would be an over hyped marketing tool if someone is using Twitter as a marketing tool. Twitter is about social interactions. If there is an entrepreneur that shares ideas well, @paulballen for example, this person will gain a large following, and would actually be able to use Twitter to talk about his/her company. However, the following only will come if he/she is consistently sharing valuable information. The same applies for blogging.

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