Genealogy People to Follow on Twitter

This is my list of genealogy industry people I follow in Twitter:


Do you know of anyone else I should be following? Please comment.

[Update 3-17-2009]

Individuals and companies listed here were discovered largely from browsing “Follow” and “Follower” lists throughout the Twitter network; and by identifying individuals that I have worked for (paulballen), associated with via the FamilySearch Developers Network, or met during various family history conferences. I also subscribe to a #genealogy hash-tag feed to find other individuals that post about genealogy.

Some Twitter profiles were discovered from TamuraJones‘ “Follow List” based on the following tip:

2 thoughts on “Genealogy People to Follow on Twitter”

  1. Jimmy,

    I’m following @tipjoy which is a payment service to monetize free content like blog entries. There is some discussion to encourage record custodians to charge for content by putting it behind a paywall. I hope we can find a way to encourage record custodians to keep genealogical records free yet still cover costs plus by receiving voluntary payments from those that use the records. Let me know what you think of tipjoy.


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