Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the Age of DistractionAs a manager, I have often found myself at the end of the day having not accomplished anything except having responded to emails. This has felt really frustrating because there are other things that my team and my boss expect me to do.

I’ve recently discovered a FREE e-book called Focus which has some very useful tips on how to avoid the above scenario.

Some of the the insights that I’ve gleaned from this book so far include:

  • It’s okay to turn off your email, chat clients, etc. — my responses don’t need to be as real-time as I think they do.
  • A lot of my fears around recourse if I don’t respond to e-mail immediately are unfounded.
  • Distractions are okay, as long as they are planned.
  • The need to stay connected with the constant streams of communication (E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is an addiction.
  • There are tools that I can install on my computer to help me avoid distractions during focus times.
  • Disconnecting and truly being “home” after work will really help me live a more fulfilling life. I have already found this to be true.
  • I get more done if I focus on one thing at a time, rather than hop between the constant streams of interruptions.

I’m about half-way through Focus. I’ll likely be posting more on this as I find more interesting things in the book.

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  1. Jimmy, thanks for sharing… I was checking out your post about Familysearch when I saw this post and it is just what I needed! (Happy holidays)

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