Photo By: Jim Lange

Earlier this month, Ryan Money gave a keynote address talking about some challenges he sees in working within a large corporation vs a start-up. Having come from the start-up world, I could relate with some of the frustrations he has also experienced while moving into big corporations. One of the challenges he talked about was Ownership, which I believe is a huge factor in the success of an organization.

Within a large organization, it is easy to get caught up in our own silos with tunnel vision on the things that we work on. We work tirelessly to empty the queue of work that is given to us individually or as a team, but we rarely step back to think of how our work integrates with the rest of the organization.

It is easy to look at things that are wrong that are “not my job” and do nothing about it. Today, I almost passed up reporting a typo on a survey thinking “that’s not my job”, but I decided to take some responsibility for our products (all of them) and took a screenshot and forwarded it to the people who could fix it.

I manage a few people that do a great job of taking ownership of things. I’m grateful to work with those people.