At a Crossroads

I’ve recently hit a point in my career where I feel like I am at a crossroads. I’m currently headed down a path that could lead me to fantastic opportunities in Product Management. When I first hired on at familysearch, that was totally the direction I wanted to head. It still may be, but I’m feeling torn because I still really love developing software.

I love getting my brain wrapped around a programming problem, getting in the zone, and delivering something cool. It is strange to say, but it gives me a sense of exhilaration when I’ve solved a really hard problem. It is really hard for me to let go of that.

I feel like I am good at combining together good ideas to solve problems. Sometimes those ideas are big ideas which would need an orchestrated effort from multiple teams of people to pull off. This is where I see excitement in Product Management.

My fear is that I will become consumed working in heavy product/project management tools (like VersionOne) doing busy work and will lose the enjoyment that I find in software development. I also fear that I will become one of those guys who says “I used to program COBOL or Fortran.” Another fear I have us that I won’t be effective enough in persuading others when I run up against opposition. I don’t like conflict, but I know I need to learn to manage it.

We are experiencing innovation like we’ve never seen before. New platforms, databases, devices, protocols, etc. are being released at breakneck speeds which enable us to imagine things that have never been possible before. The question I have to ask myself is: What is the level of influence I ultimately want to have in defining the future? I guess that is why I am still leaning slightly towards Product Management.

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  1. How about something for the Mac? I am frustrated in the genealogy software available for the Mac. I hate using VM to work on the Windows side. How about getting Roots Magic or Legacy to develop a Mac version of their software. I think they (you) could make some serious money going that route.

    Any suggestions to help this former Windows guy to love Mac genealogy software?


    1. You could try out WineSkin to get RootsMagic running on your Mac. It isn’t perfect, but I’ve been able to do it successfully. I’ve been using MacFamilyTree lately. Its developer is is willing to take feedback, so if there are things that are missing or that need to be done differently, I would share with him (or I could pass it along).

      1. Thanks. I have VM Ware, but it is a pain to use. The people at Roots Magic have indicated that they are working on a Mac version. I would hope that soon it would be ready. I thought if you program for Mac, maybe they could use your help.

        I think I will try Mac Family Tree again. I couldn’t get it to load my Gedcom file and bring up my family. Perhaps I should contact the develper and see what has happened. I have Reunion and it is a great program, but it doesn’t tie into FamilySearch and using the LDS option is clumsy.

        Once you use a Mac anything else seems slow and backwards.


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