The 10% Discount Challenge

Noah Kagan (founder of AppSumo) issued a challenge on The Smart Passive Income podcast the other day to walk into a Starbucks and ask for a 10% discount when you are checking out. I’m not a coffee drinker, and therefore decided I would take the challenge the next time I bought lunch. Today I decided to go for it. Here’s how it went:

When I got up to the checkout, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for the discount. I just kind of froze and handed the nice lady my credit card. I sat down with my lunch and was so disappointed with myself. I had already talked this through my head so many times, that I was “okay” with getting rejected upon the request, but I still couldn’t do it!

I made another resolve that I had to do this and I had to do it today. So, I went back and just grabbed a cookie. I at least needed something for which I could ask a discount. I stepped up to the same checkout and this time I asked, “Can I please get a discount?” The lady looked at me, smiled, and kind of chuckled. She responded, “Sure!” and gave it to me for free. Haha! What an experience!