A blogging change

Salt Lake City in the Snow

After reading  Matt Mullenweg’s post on The Intrinsic Value of Blogging, and after realizing that my blog has been sitting idly these past couple of years, I decided that I would change the way I think about my blog.

From now on, my blog is simply going to be a place for me to write for myself. If the content happens to help someone else, that’s great. Professionally, I sit in an interesting niche which is the intersection of programming and genealogy. Many people find either of those topics to be very interesting. I believe there is a relatively small crowd that finds both topics interesting. And that’s okay. I’m writing for me.

So, if the content of my blog may be changing. Actually, I hope it feels different because it has been stuck in the mud lately. Perhaps I’ll discover some new things about myself and perhaps I’ll find some things to write about that people want to read. I’ll never know until I begin writing more.